PIPEs Portfolio Manager

  • Invansys PIPES is a portfolio management system that helps you define custom pricing methodologies for your restricted securities. It helps you organize your portfolio of stocks, convertibles and warrants by grouping them under deals. You can book actions like conversion and exercise to automatically adjust your positions in various securities. It bridges the gap between trading and fund administration by offering aggregated real-time position keeping, risk analysis, cash management and an extensible security master. It has a state-of-the-art report generator to effortlessly slice-and-dice your portfolio on demand from P&L to attribution and performance reporting. Additionally, it lets you benchmark your portfolio performance against other indices and generate investor communications reports.


Custom pricing methodology

  • Define pricing models for restricted stocks, convertibles and warrants
  • Apply haircuts, discounts and reserves based on underlyer price
  • Value at Cost, Daily or Monthly Amortized Discount
  • Value converts based on principal + interest or conversion value

Automated Tools

  • Cashless or "With Cash" exercise of warrants
  • Debt conversion into stocks with accrued interest or 'Principal' only
  • Black Scholes pricing for options and warrants
  • Accrued interest calculations for debt and convertibles

Portfolio Management & Reporting Features

  • Calculate return metrics (MTD, QTD, YTD, Since Inception, and Annualized ROR)
  • Generate performance and risk reports
  • Capture all trade and security data.
  • View a list of all investment across all portfolios.
  • Export and import from excel.

Monthly NAV calculation

  • Book daily prices or integrate with Market data providers like Bloomberg.
  • Book Expenses, Other Income, Capital contributions and other trading or administration related activity.
  • Keep track of Operating Expenses, Investments made in Advance, Prepaid Expenses and Cash Receivable for complete accounting.