Invansys migration tool

  • Invansys migration tool is a windows application which helps the users to migrate their company's telephonic systems from one company to another. It provides data based upon dependencies of telephone network or instruments within each other in a system.This tool allows the users to upload their stations and exchange data and calculate dependencies based on it. This tool also gives the user the feature of creating various migration groups which they want to migrate based on the dependencies calculated. This tool reduces the migration risks and saves the precious time of users by providing fast imformation. This tool uses various parameters and groups such as stations,pick up groups, shared button, answer groups and hunt group to calculate dependencies .

Salient features of this tool

  • Fast, responsive, realtime and easy to use tool.
  • Mutiple projects can be made within the tool.
  • Calculation of dependencies is just a click away
  • User can create multiple migration groups according to their preference.
  • Export to excel feature for both dependencies and migration groups

Version overview


Perfect for individuals

  • 1 Project allowed
  • Annual License
  • Single Desktop License


Suitable for professionals

  • 5 Projects allowed
  • Annual license
  • Single Desktop License


For established business

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Annual license
  • Multi desktop licenses