Invansys Call Manager App

  • Invansys call manager app is a web based application which help its users to change their phone settings.It is very easy to use application and reduces the load of support team of an organization.
    This app connects directly to Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and delivers the right experience to the right endpoint.

    A user can login in this app and change their device settings or add new one without any support help.This app also helps the users to change their voicemail pin and reset their speed dials.

Reset Your Device Pin's.

Add multiple speed dials to your devices.

Features and Capabilities

  • Reliability
  • Fast, responsive and realtime tool.
  • Easy editing of device settings.
  • Connects to Cisco Unity Server.

This powerful App can help:

  • Adding mutiple devices information.
  • In easy editing of device settings.
  • Reset of your device's voicemail pin.
  • Adding or removing speed dials for a single device.

Version overview


Suitable for individuals

  • Valid for 15 days
  • Invansys Branding


For established business

  • Annual license
  • Custom branding